International Legal Consultants


ILC is not an ordinary litigation firm, because our work is far from ordinary. Recognizing that high-stakes litigation is never routine, ILC was built to adapt to whatever challenge confronts our client—no matter the adversary, complexity of the case, or legal issue involved. In every matter, ILC primary objective is the development of legal strategies that win.

This approach has proven successful beyond our greatest ambitions. It has earned ILP a reputation as a firm of talented trial and appellate lawyers prepared to battle for its clients in both civil and criminal matters, regardless of the state, federal, or administrative forum. Our flexibility allows us to handle matters ranging from the litigation of complicated business disputes, to the prosecution of claims for victims of catastrophic injuries, to the representation of executives and corporations targeted by criminal investigations. Most rewardingly, ILC approach has attracted clients as diverse and exceptional as the firm’s skills.

Like all of our clients, they understand that whatever their problem, ILC will respond with an approach tailored to their individual needs.

We welcome you too, to trust your toughest legal challenges to International Legal Consultants

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