Braulio Jatar Alonso

Braulio Jatar Alonso Born in Chile (1958) during the exile of his father Braulio Jatar Dotti, an important Venezuelan politician, persecuted by the dictatorship of General Pérez Jiménez.

He is a lawyer (1981), communicator – announcer (1983), writer, known internationally as an advocate of freedom of expression and linked to court cases in Venezuela as an accuser and accused.  Professor of law and emotional intelligence (2010-2016), pre-candidate to the National Assembly (2015), has been an adviser to several committees of the Congress of Venezuela, such as “Senate Economy”, “Contraloria” and “Media” in the Chamber of Deputies.   He has studied financial statements at Simon Rodríguez University and the IESA (Executive Business Program).

He has been a trial lawyer for four decades and  a columnist for national newspapers in Venezuela such as Diario de Caracas (1987- 1991), Ultimas Noticias (1988 – 1991), Diario de la Economía (2006- 2009), and media digital such as Noticiero Digital, Noticias 24, Aporrea and Reporte Confidencial.


He formed and coordinated the dialogue tables (2002 and 2,004) in the State of Nueva Esparta (Margarita Island) that were installed with all sectors of the country, after the coup against Hugo Chávez Frías. 

 He has written legal essays such as “The Pretrial of Merit and other procedural prerogatives in our Legislation”. He is also a writer of three novels with the names “Terror on the Balance”, “White-necked Terror” and “Pranato”. In addition two books of self-help one “Inner God- External God” and the other, “Lessons of Emotional Intelligence”.  In January 2019, “Democratic Dialogues – Braulio Jatar” was published jointly written with Senator Francisco Chahuán from Chile.

He is married since 1986 with Silvia Martinez (Miss Venezuela, Miss South America and third runner Miss Universe 1985) and they have four children: Claudia, Braulio, Christian and Dominykas. His son Braulio Miguel Jatar Martinez won the San Francisco Film Festival 2019.

Founder and editor of Confidential Report, digital media created in 2006 with more than 500.000 followers , with national and international news coverage, with own offices in La Fuente sector, Antolín del Campo Municipality, Nueva Esparta State.

In 2007 he founded the Pablo Romero Millán School, a bilingual educational entity with capacity for more than 400 students, built in La Fuente sector, Antolín del Campo Municipality, Nueva Esparta State.

On September 3, 2016, he was deprived of liberty as reporter and director media, being qualified as political prisoner of the government of Nicolás Maduro by the UN, OAS, world organizations such as “Human Right Watch”, as well as the “Rapporteurship for Freedom of Expression of the OAS ” and the most important international and Venezuelan NGOs.

To date, he has returned to the practice of law and his activities as entrepreneur and as a  social communicator being an  international recognized figure.


== Distinctions ==

* ”Mention” (Order City of Porlamar, 2014)

* “Button” (Silver Button State Bar Association of Nueva Esparta, 2015)

* ”Medal” (Medal of the Senate of Chile, 2019)

* ’Prize The fight for democracy of the Chilean digital media“ El Pensador ”, 2018)

* “Application” (Oswaldo Paya Award), 2019)


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