Ruling Principles

Professional Ethics

This firm is very firm in the observation of the ethical canons of our profession, contained in the matter’s ruling norms. In reasoning of the ethical norms of which we are subject to, we’re very respectful of the secret and professional relationship.


A characteristic note of those lawyers who participate in the Firm, is their skill of teamwork and cohesiveness with the executives in charge of the management choices of their clients. Jatar-Dotti assigns each client with several lawyers of the firm for them to coordinate and manage all their business, allowing immediate Access to the specialists of the dispatch in different areas, without any personal treatment being lost for our efficient service delivery. We work as a team with our client’s juridical consultants and legal assessors.

Quality and Team Coherence

All our legal team’s members share the same culture and values, with ample experience in team work, which guarantees an excellent quality in delivered services.
Professionalism in the Knowledge of Venezuela’s Rights System. The experience of those who are part of the Firm makes them owners of a solid knowledge of Venezuela’s Laws, since some of them are University Professors and lawyers of known trajectory.